Objective, Vision & Mission


MSWG has a charter under its Memorandum and Articles of Association, which spells out its objectives as follows:

  • To become the forum on minority shareholders experiences;
  • To become the Think-Tank and Resource Centre for minority interests and corporate governance matters in Malaysia;
  • To develop and disseminate the educational aspects of corporate governance;
  • To become the platform to initiate collective shareholder activism on unethical or questionable practices made by the management of Public Listed Companies (PLCs);
  • To influence the decision-making process in Public Listed Companies as the leader for minority shareholders legislative rights and interests;
  • To monitor for breaches and noncompliance in corporate governance practices by Public Listed Companies; and
  • To initiate, where appropriate, reports to regulatory authorities and transform MSWG into an effective deterrent of such events or activities that can work against the interests of minority shareholders.

To be a recognised and respected organisation which promotes corporate governance through minority shareholder activism.


To increase sustainable shareholder value creation in public listed companies through engagement with relevant stakeholders, with a focus on minority shareholders’ interests.