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No Date Name Media Attachment
61 12/12/2011 Nanyang Siang Pau, Nanyang Business – Monday, 12 December 2011 (A) - To set up a closed-end fund to sustain its business model - MSWG Nyanyang Siang Pau
62 09/12/2011 MCG Index 2011 – Friday, 9 December 2011 (C) Part 2 Sin Chew Business
63 09/12/2011 MCG Index 2011 – Friday, 9 December 2011 (C) Part 1 Sin Chew Business
64 16/11/2011 Sin Chew Daily - Wednesday, 16 November, 2011 - Asia Pacific Land Berhad to be delisted Sin Chew Business
65 29/10/2011 MSWG urges APLand's Offeror to increase the offer price [AP Land] Nyanyang Siang Pau
66 28/06/2011 Shareholders of Supermax Support Tan Sri to Continue to hold the roles of Chairman and MD together Oriental Daily News
67 02/03/2011 Datuk Yusli: Government should try to pave down GLC stakes Nyanyang Siang Pau
68 02/03/2011 Tan Sri Zarina; CMP2 is expected to be launched in 1st half of this year Nyanyang Siang Pau
69 02/03/2011 Tan Sri Azman Moktar: Global economy shift from West to East & Khazanah's investment strategy remains Sin Chew Business
70 02/03/2011 EPF is no longer passive and it aims to create long term value to members Sin Chew Business