MSWG Weekly Newsletter 14 January 2022 (English)

Improved job numbers but downside risks remain

In his magnum opus, The Wealth of Nations published in 1776, the Father of Economics Adam Smith argued that the enlargement of production rather than the trade sector would create greater wealth for the country. 

As it is, the four factors of production namely labour, land, capital and entrepreneurship are the essential inputs which allow the production of goods and services. These factors are considered the building blocks of an economy, intricately interwoven to keep the wheels of the economy spinning. 

The importance of labour in an economy could not be stressed enough. Economists believe that a quality workforce will drive economic growth by way of higher productivity and innovation. Workers in turn enjoy better living standards by way of higher wages. The higher wages would in turn boost consumer spending and create demand for goods and services provided by firms. 

MSWG Weekly Newsletter 07 January 2022

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Impasse between SCBuild’s board and shareholders

On the last trading day of 2021, the market was taken aback by the twists and turns of events at SC Estate Builder Berhad (SCBuild).  Shareholders rejected the re-election of eight incumbent directors at the AGM on 31 December 2021. The remaining Board members, immediately after the AGM,  re-appointed the eight ousted directors back onto the Board. The said directors comprised executive directors and independent non-executive directors.

The Company’s filing to Bursa Malaysia Securities on the outcome of its AGM indicated that the shareholders rejected the re-election of the eight directors with 54.8% of shares voting “Against” their re-election.