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No Date Name Media Attachment
61 17/10/2017 MSWG wants gonernment to finally end cash injection into Proton The Edge Financial Daily
62 16/10/2017 Concerns over power of special shareholder The Edge
63 10/10/2017 Lotte Chemical Titan urged to strengthen risk management The Edge Financial Daily
64 03/10/2017 Scheme has a year to find buyer (Golden Palm Growers) The Star
65 27/09/2017 Another one bites the dust The Star
66 27/09/2017 Investors to meet SSM, trustee within the week The Sun
67 26/09/2017 Plantation investment scheme whitering? The Sun
68 29/08/2017 Watchdog group agrees with Scomi's rationale The Edge Financial Daily
69 21/08/2017 Watchdog group relieved after Bursa says no plans to list dual-class shares The Edge Financial Daily
70 10/08/2017 Can Premier Nalfin stay listed? NSTP